Sanshui District government quality Award expert leaders visit our company to guide the work


"Quality is the way to develop enterprises, the rich enterprises, strengthen enterprises."To implement the national quality power strategy, promote the development of economic quality, further guide enterprises to actively promote quality management work, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, on the morning of September 1,2022, our company ushered in the municipal government quality award review experts to guide my company work, held at 9 am first meeting, and listened to the Li Shenglin chairman of the basic situation, organization, business status, enterprise strategy, enterprise vision, performance management and corporate culture report.

"Quality development of enterprises, multiple measures to promote the high-quality development of the group."Mr.Jiang, who is in charge of safety and quality of the group, and the review group leaders visited the production workshop and reported the group quality management work, from the quality management system construction, quality management implementation, quality management related achievements and quality management vision, actively responded to the national" six in one "quality control system, practice the quality management concept of" high standard and high quality " from many aspects, and strive to achieve refined, efficient and scientific management.

After the first meeting, the panel in accordance with the performance excellence evaluation criteria, from the leadership, strategy, customer, and market, information, resources, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement, results and other aspects, group evaluation, through sampling data, interview, defense, grassroots staff interview communication and carried on the comprehensive evaluation. We have given full affirmation to our company, and also put forward the existing deficiencies and valuable suggestions in the future development process, which provides practical guidance for our company to further improve the quality management.