In 2022, Fengze Group will fully carry out fire safety training and emergency drills for enterprise employees


      According to the work requirements of the district government, in order to further strengthen the fire safety management and effectively prevent fire accidents, the industrial park requires all enterprises to carry out fire safety knowledge training and emergency drill activities.

     On May 5,2022, all enterprises in the industrial park carried out a fire emergency drill, and the leaders and business personnel in the park went to the site for business guidance. Explain the fire safety knowledge such as indoor and outdoor escape and self-rescue methods and the use methods of fire extinguishers, and demonstrate the correct use methods of fire extinguishers. Emphasized the importance and necessity of fire safety work, and explained the harm of fire. Some participants operated fire extinguishers one by one to drill out the simulated fire site. Through the drill, all the present personnel had mastered the basic practical fire operation skills and the matters needing attention during evacuation.

     Through the fire safety knowledge training and drill, further improve the enterprise staff fire awareness, fire fighting knowledge and escape skills, so that the enterprise employees realize the importance of cultivating fire safety awareness, prevent fire accidents, to ensure the safety of the majority of enterprise employees.