Foshan City, Sanshui District Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export was established


With the effective development of diversified markets in Foshan and the effective release of the potential of new foreign trade forms, at present, the total import and export volume of Foshan ranks among the top in China, among which the import and export volume in Sanshui District maintains a rapid growth. At the same time, at the same time, the products of more Sanshui enterprises are encouraged at home and abroad through the platform of our chamber of commerce. Now Sanshui has a representative foreign trade enterprises have a strong sense of awareness, so we need to work together to develop better, faster and more healthily. Sanshui District Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export was officially established on August 8,2022.


Mr.Li Shenglin, general manager of Foshan Fengze Fengze Textile Co., Ltd. and Foshan Lanniu Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd., became the first president of the Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foshan Sanshui District, and Li Jun, secretary of the District Government, awarded the award.


Foshan Sanshui Sub-branch of Postal Savings Bank of China granted 1 billion yuan to the strategic cooperation of Sanshui District Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export.


Mr.Li Shenglin said that the Chamber will strengthen communication with the government departments, play the role of a bridge and link, timely publicize relevant policies, policies and regulations, provide policies and various information services, and guide members to be honest and trustworthy, participate in competition and fulfill social responsibilities; and actively reflect their reasonable opinions, requirements and suggestions to the government and relevant departments, and effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In addition, do a good job of quality services for member enterprises, play the role of the chamber of commerce platform. Promote the exchange of business, business and information among members; establish expert database, establish communication mechanism with Sanshui District Tax Bureau, customs department, and Foreign Exchange Administration, and timely provide multi-dimensional, multi-level and multifaceted consultation and suggestions for member enterprises. Organize member enterprises to attend exhibitions and exhibition activities to help enterprises understand the industry trends. Innovate the publicity platform, and create a wechat public account and TikTok with the characteristics of import and export foreign trade business.