Foison Textile participated in intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics


September 27-29,intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics exhibition was held as scheduled.

Foison Textile general manager Li Shenglin led the company's business elite to participate in this exhibition. Our environment-friendly fabric had attracted many new and old customers to come for consultation.

All the products in this exhibition was oriented to customer needs.From the selection of raw materials, to the improvement of weaving process, and then the special environmentally friendly finishing and processing, it not only met the market demand for seasonal products, but also took into account the future trend of comfort and environmental protection and energy conservation.

Foison Textile kept up with the trend and always insisted on developing high-quality innovative products.There was only one purpose for each exploration and effort, and that was to present a more perfect product to the customer.The end of this exhibition meant better gathering next time.微信图片_20181008151020.jpg微信图片_20181008151023.jpg微信图片_20181008151026.jpg微信图片_20181008151030.jpg微信图片_20181008151036.jpg