German Bluezone exhibition:Foison creates green denim with craftsmanship


From September 4 to 5, the Munich Fabric Start/Bluezone was held in Munich, Germany.

At the exhibition, the fashionable and environment-friendly fabrics exhibited by Foison Textile attracted a large number of designers and buyers from internationally famous brands. They were very interested in our products, and they confirmed the samples with our companyon site.

In the customer consultation of each exhibition, we have learned that brand merchants are increasingly interested in eco-environmental products and their purchasing volume is also increasing year by year. The research and development of eco-environmental denim products helps us expand the market sales and increase the business volume, and is also conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the entire textile and apparel industry.



Facing the new situation of industrial development, in each season of product development, Foison Textile takes eco-environmental protection as a very important source of inspiration.From the selection of raw materials, to the improvement of weaving process, to the special environmentally friendly finishing and processing, to the packaging and sales, it not only meets the market demand for seasonal products, but also takes into account the future trend of comfort and environmental protection and energy conservation, giving people a real green denim